Case study



Trampoline parks are hugely popular in Australia, the US and Singapore, and now they are springing up across the UK.  An article in the Guardian newspaper extols the health benefits of this rapidly growing market and stated, “Also, the trampoline acts as a shock absorber, making it a low-impact workout suitable for all ages.”

Working closely with renowned clients such as Gravity Force and Oxygen, we have pioneered a design system to create and offer a robust, yet cost driven, prototype. This is an exciting development for the UK market and following its success we are now currently building on the original model and rolling out nationally over the coming months.

Our experience in this field comprises:

  • Trampoline park design and build
  • Trampoline park construction
  • Trampoline installation

David Stalker, CEO of Oxygen said:

With the speed of rollout planned at Oxygen it is crucial that our contractors have endless enthusiasm and commitment to the projects, working around the clock to hit deadlines and go that extra mile to make sure that the move from building to operating is seamless. Oakwhite has led the way, setting exemplary standards enthusiastically and professionally in both leading the build and supporting the Oxygen set up team.